Opening a coffee shop in Woodbridge meant returning to his roots for Harvey, whose father ran a butchery and bakery in the town. Passionate about flavours, quality and good design, Harvey spent a year planning and researching the art of coffee and tea before opening Honey + Harvey in 2011.



Harvey’s right-hand woman is Carmen, who gained 10 years hospitality experience in Australia during the third wave coffee movement, when coffee beans first began to be treated as an artisanal ingredient. Her experience and conscientious energy have helped make Honey + Harvey the success it is today.



Before joining Honey + Harvey, Dan worked in Michelin inspector’s favourite gastropub, the British Larder as well the Salthouse Harbour Hotel, the Auberge, the Fludyer Hotel and Jimmy’s Farm Restaurant. With his understanding of food trends and flavours, Dan creates menus that are fresh, seasonal and innovative.  


*Honey + Harvey was featured in the Independent's 50 best coffee shops in 2013.