Meet our Hampshire suppliers

by | May 11, 2023 | News, Suppliers

Great food is at the heart of what we do, and we’re lucky to have a plethora of brilliant suppliers on our doorstep. For us, working with local suppliers is a no brainer; not only does it support the local economy and save on food miles where we can, but it also means you get to savour the freshest, best tasting ingredients when you join us at H+H in The Square for brunch!

We’re also proud members of Hampshire Fare; a collective who champion local businesses and produce, inspiring Hampshire residents to discover the abundance of produce available in our county. Many of our suppliers are also members too! So, without further ado, let’s meet some of them…


Ohco are small-batch coffee roasters based just outside Winchester in Hursley. They put a huge focus on sustainability, and work with specially selected suppliers to import a diverse range of beans, ready to roast. Ohco create delicious blends (which you can also purchase at H+H in The Square), focusing on quality and taste. If you’ve had a coffee at The Square, we’re sure you’ll agree that ohco coffee is delicious, however you take it!

Barista pouring coffee in Woodbridge


The Street Bakeshop are an award winning bakery based in Old Basing (Basingstoke). They provide our sourdough and many of our delicious pastries, which are freshly baked and delivered to us each morning. Their sensational sourdough features heavily across our brunch menu, and you’ll find giant croissants, pain au chocolats, other pastries and the most delicious cakes on our counter to enjoy with your coffee. The Street won the BIA Baker of the Year 2021, BIA Craft Bakery Business of the Year 2022 and BIA Team of the Year 2022, so you know you’re getting the best when you eat at H+H in The Square!


Hogget & Boar are based on a buffalo farm in Stockbridge, and supply all our meat. They specialise in dry aged, grass-fed, free range meat of the highest quality. The butcher’s are experts when it comes to preparing the best cuts of meat, and we are pleased to serve their sausages and bacon in many of our signature dishes at H+H.


Almost all of our brunches include eggs in some shape or form, and our we believe Vale Farm provides the best eggs! Vale Farm is a family run farm on the edge of Winchester, who ensure their free-range hens have the best life possible, with plenty of enrichment provided in their 40 acres of Hampshire countryside. The hens are fed on a hormone-free diet, including wheat, barley, corn, sunflower, soya, vitamins and minerals, which gives a beautiful orange yolk and makes them the most delicious eggs!



To garnish our dishes, our chefs use Lusso Leaf microgreens and edible flowers, which are full of flavour and nutrients, and look great. Lusso Leaf is an entirely indoor farm in Stockbridge, employing efficient vertical farming techniques to produce the best quality crops no matter the season, as all aspects of the growing environment can be controlled. Lusso Leaf harvest and deliver to us on the same day, so you’re eating the freshest microgreens available when you visit H+H.


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