Veganuary Retrospective

We held our first ever vegan special last weekend and my oh my what a brilliant couple of nights it was! We had an eclectic mix come through of both vegans and non-vegans alike. Some people we're part of our hard-core following, who show up several times a week, at all hours eating and drinking their way through all three of our menus, and some we'd never seen before. Some walked down from their homes nearby and one couple even travelled from Bury St Edmunds to check it out. 

Obviously we'd hoped it would be successful - what we weren't expecting was the volume of enquiries into why we don't "normally" cater to vegan diets. The simple answer is: we do! Perhaps we don't talk about it as much as we do our GF offerings, but it's all there.

Like most days in H+H everything starts with the coffee. We have soya, almond and oat milk on offer for all of our hot drinks (if you haven't tried an oat milk-matcha, you haven't lived!). For those of you counting at home, thats more options of non-dairy milk than we stock in dairy milk!

Our breakfast menu includes specifically designed options that fit into the "vegan" box. The fruit porridge is made with coconut milk, the avocado on toast with chilli-roasted pumpkin seeds is our own take on classic vegan fare (yes our home-made sourdough is vegan-friendly) and the butternut squash, although sounding terrifying with the addition of "dukkah" is probably the tastiest dish on the whole menu. With our skilled chefs on site cooking fresh, we're happy to bend to any dietary needs you throw at us.

For lunch we have a selection of salads, hot bakes, sandwiches, soups and specials, 6 days a week. Our rule is that at least one salad/bake option is vegan-friendly (some days its all four), the soup is almost always vegan friendly (with the exception of the honey/mustard root veg - which contains, obviously, honey), and two out of three jacket potato specials are also vegan. 

For what it's worth, our organic chardonnay is a crowd-favourite amongst vegans as well. 

So why is this variety such a well-kept secret? We don't know. Harvey's vision dictates that whether big or small, everything we do, we must do "really really really well". The vegan-options-only menu was labour of love for both Dan who designed it, and myself, who had to sample everything (for quality control purposes). We we're all proud of the menu and knew that the food on offer would surpass anybody's expectations, so we yelled pretty loud about it. 


The very rough first draft of the vegan menu.

The very rough first draft of the vegan menu.

Woodbridge as a whole has taken a giant leap towards fresh/organic/flavoursome food in recent years. This is clearly reflected in the stunningly vast array of delicious and healthy meals in ample supply accross the town. (Head over to one of our favourite local foodie's instagram pages if you're ever in need of inspiration We like to think we keep up with the way the people we care about like to eat and drink, so if there's ever anything we can do for you, just ask! You might be surprised how accommodating we can be.

The Vegan Special menu will be updated and repeated once a month from now on. 


Carmen Larkin